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Useful and Interesting Information About Smolyan

Short History of Smolyan

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus claims that the region of Smolyan was inhabited by Thracians 2500-3000 years BC. In the area known as “Mogilata,” remains of a Late Antique Christian complex have been discovered, dating back to the 5th – 7th centuries, with a basilica and other buildings. Ottoman documents from the 17th century mention a settlement that existed in the location of present-day Smolyan. It was originally named Ezerovo, but after some time, its name was changed to Pashmakli. Read more about the history of Smolyan.

Art Gallery Smolyan

The exhibitions in the gallery began in the middle of the last century. Initially, there were only 35 paintings, but over the next decades, investments were made in the development of the Smolyan Gallery. The search, preservation, and popularization of visual art established it as a leading institution in Smolyan and the surrounding area. Today, the collection of works by Bulgarian artists consists of over 2200 pieces. The main theme of the paintings is related to the Rhodope Mountains.

Church “St. Visarion Smolenski”

Smolyan is one of the scientifically oriented cities in Bulgaria. Spirituality is not its strong point, but it still has a remarkable church. “St. Visarion Smolenski” is for Orthodox Christians. The construction of the church began in 2002 and was funded by private donations of around 3.5 million Bulgarian Leva. Businessman Todor Batkov contributed 2/3 of the total amount. The building has a total of 11 bells, with the largest one weighing 2 tons.

Sports Center “Velichko Cholakov”

In Smolyan, you’ll find the “Velichko Cholakov” sports hall. Here, you’ll find various sports facilities for almost every sport. Take advantage of table tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton courts, practice combat sports, swimming, or fitness within the building. There are also activities organized for the youth aimed at reducing youth-related issues.

Hotel “Luxor”

The hotel was built in 2006, and in 2016, it received an award for the most positive reviews from “” Luxor is located close to the main street of the city. It is suitable for both business meetings and relaxation or entertainment. Here, you can take advantage of underground parking, a conference hall, sauna, fitness center, a restaurant, a shopping center, and many other amenities.


The planetarium in Smolyan is the largest in Bulgaria and a major tourist attraction in the Rhodope Mountains. The star hall at the observatory presents about 50 activities, including storytelling, poetry, educational sessions, all with a focus on astronomy. The observatory primarily monitors sunspots, and monthly images are sent to the “Sunspot Data Index” in Brussels. Since the observatory’s existence, it has captured images of 7 solar and 15 lunar eclipses. Find even more locations when you rent a car in Smolyan.

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