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Short History of Asenovgrad

The old name of the town is Stanimaka. It originates from the Greek name Stenimachos. There are several opinions regarding the etymology of the name Stenimachos. One of them is that it comes from Isteomachi (Ιστιεομάχη), as the town was founded after many battles (in Greek, “maχη” means battle) by settlers from Istiaea. Over time, Istieomachi evolved into Steimachi, Stenimachos, Stanimachi, and Stanimaka. According to other opinions, the name has a medieval origin and comes from “stenomachos,” meaning “narrow place battle,” as the town is close to the exit of the Chaya River gorge, and at that time, the road through the gorge was very narrow. Read more about Asenovgrad.

Asenovgrad Fortress

The medieval fortress, located 2 kilometers from Asenovgrad, consists of ruins. It is called the Asenovgrad Fortress because it is close to the town. The Byzantines reconstructed it to guard the Belomorski Pass, but it existed even during the time of the Thracians. The first written records about the fortress were made by the monks of the Bachkovo Monastery. In the writings, it is noted that the Asenovgrad Fortress had its own defense and administration. It was captured by the Crusaders during the Fourth Crusade but was later destroyed by Ottoman forces in 1410. It’s easy to reach when you rent a car in Asenovgrad with us.

Bachkovo Monastery

The Bachkovo Monastery was founded in 1083 by Grigory Bakuriani and his brother Abaziy. The monastery’s rule, composed by the founder’s order, was translated into Greek and Georgian. According to it, church authorities, including the Metropolitan of the then Plovdiv, had no right to interfere in the monastery’s affairs, and access to it was prohibited for Greek monks. In the late 11th century, the Petritsoni Literary School emerged in Bachkovo. The name comes from the nearby fortress of Petrich. Translations of texts were made there. The connections between Georgia and Byzantium were established through the translations of the scholars working at the monastery. One of them was the Georgian philosopher-neoplatonist Ioane Petritsi, a disciple of Ioane Ital. The translation activity of the monastery continued until the 14th century.

Aqua Park “Vitus”

Asenovgrad has an aqua park called “Vitus.” It is located in the outskirts of the city but easily accessible. The park is divided into 4 levels. On the first level, there is a semi-Olympic pool with a depth of 2 meters, a bar, a fast-food restaurant, and a children’s pool. The second level offers a restaurant-garden, children’s slides and climbing frames, and a round pool with a depth of 1 meter. The third level has a bar and a round pool, while the fourth level features a round pool with water fitness equipment, a sports area for aerobics and yoga outdoors.

Family Hotel “Dani”

“Hotel Dani” is a family hotel located at the outskirts of Asenovgrad to ensure peace and quiet. If you have a rental car, you can reach the city center in minutes. Free parking and Wi-Fi are available, and the prices are affordable for everyone. If you plan to stay at the hotel for most of your stay, you can enjoy a game of billiards, ensuring you won’t get bored. In the courtyard, there are various activities for children.

Museum of Paleontology

The museum began its operation in 1990 under the leadership of Dimitar Kovachev. Here, you can find over 35,000 bones of prehistoric animals dating back at least 7-8 million years. The most famous remains include those of hipparions (large horses), a mesopithecus monkey, the only known skeleton of a late Miocene spiny pig, saber-toothed cats, and an Adcrocuta hyena. Explore all these fascinating exhibits by visiting the museum.

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