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Useful and Interesting Information About Hisarya

Short History of Hisarya

Hisarya has a rich history. The pleasant climate and mineral waters have been the main reasons why ancient people settled in this place. There was a settlement here in the 5th-6th millennia BC. Around the mineral springs, healing-religious sanctuaries called nymphēums were erected. After the Romans conquered the province of Thrace in the year 46 AD, a settlement was built around the mineral springs, which was recognized as a city by Emperor Diocletian in the year 293 AD. Read more about Hisarya.

Fortress “Hisarya”

The Hisarya fortress contains remains of the ancient Diocletianopolis and is among the best-preserved from antiquity. It stretches for a little over 2300 meters. All four gates are preserved, with the southern gate, known as the “Camels,” being the most impressive. The southern gate served as the main entrance to the fortress and was the road to present-day Plovdiv. It stood at a height of 13 meters, and nearby, there were barracks for the garrison of the fortress. Over 40 defensive towers defended the fortress. The wall of Diocletianopolis has been repeatedly destroyed, reconstructed, and restored over time.

Old Christian Basilicas

In Hisarya, a total of 9 early Christian basilicas have been found and studied, but only 3 of them are displayed and open for visits. These basilicas reflect the development of Christian basilical architecture from the 4th to the 6th century. Basilica Number 1 is located south of the Hisarya fortress. It is the only double-nave basilica uncovered in Bulgaria and dates back to the mid-5th century. Basilica Number 3 is situated about 120 meters south of the main fortress gate, also known as the “Camels.” It was constructed in the second half of the 4th century as a three-nave basilica. It has a three-sided apse on the exterior and a semicircular one on the interior. It was destroyed by the Huns in the 5th century but was later restored in the 6th century. A dedication inscription to Saint Stephen was discovered in the basilica, and currently, it is displayed in the Archaeological Museum of the city. Explore this location when you rent a car in Hisarya.

Sports in Hisarya

Hisarya is primarily a resort town, so you’ll find fewer sports opportunities. However, we can recommend tennis as a more demanding sport option. There are a few other sports available as well, but the preferred ones in Hisarya are horseback riding, eco-trail excursions, paragliding flights, or sports fishing. If you prefer running in the morning, you can explore the “Krepost” sports complex.

SPA Hotel “Hisar”

Welcome to the Hisarya Spa Hotel if you need a therapeutic retreat. The hotel even offers a hyperbaric chamber as just a small part of the luxury you can experience here. Even if you don’t venture out to explore the city, you can engage in various activities such as bowling and tennis. You can even swim in the outdoor or indoor pool.

Horse Stable “Ezdul”

One of the interesting places in Hisarya is the “Ezdul” horse riding base. Come and meet Mirian, Comanche, Manezh, and Maya. These are not people but the horses you can ride when you arrive. There are various riding times available, with a minimum of 10 minutes. They even have a pony for the little ones. You can also use an instructor for riding. There’s an option to book an 8-day mountain tour in the Sredna Gora mountain range.

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