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Useful and Interesting Information About Pazardzhik

Short History of Pazardzhik

The Pazardzhik Municipality in Bulgaria has been inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by the discovery of settlements and burial mounds from the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Bronze ages, especially near the villages of Yunatsite and Ognyanovo. The region, rich in natural resources and situated at a crossroads, became a center of ancient culture influenced by the Thracians, Greeks, and Romans, with over 100 settlements and numerous burial sites and sanctuaries.

During the Middle Ages, many Bulgarian fortresses of strategic and administrative importance were built here, including the significant Batkun fortress near Patalenitsa. In the 15th century, Pazardzhik emerged as a trade center on the international route connecting Europe with Southeast Asia. During the Ottoman rule, it was known as a vibrant market and craft center, serving as a port and warehouse on the Maritsa River. Read more about the history of Pazardzhik.

Regional Historical Museum

The museum has its own specialized library, a photo laboratory, restoration workshops, a souvenir shop, and a café. In the largest residential building from the Revival period in Pazardzhik, you can find the ethnographic exhibition of the Regional Historical Museum. It was built in 1850. The house belonged to Nikola Hristovich, a wealthy merchant from Pazardzhik. The historical exhibitions have been relocated to a specially constructed building. The house has been declared a national architectural and artistic monument of culture. Explore more when you rent a car in Pazardzhik.

Church of Saint Virgin Mary

The Church of Saint Virgin Mary was built in 1836. It is a three-naved pseudo-basilica with three portals. The central nave is dedicated to Saint Virgin Mary, the left one to Saint Haralambius, and the right one to Saint Menas. There are two chapels in the women’s section – Saint Archangel and Saint Nicholas. The church is constructed from pink rhyolite. It is famous for its wooden iconostasis, which is under the protection of UNESCO. It is made from boiled walnut wood and features intricate woodcarvings crafted by Debar master craftsmen over a period of ten years. The mastermind behind it was Makriy Negriev Frachkovski, whose grave is located behind the church’s altar.

The church also houses icons by Stanislav Dospevski. The icons in the church date from various times. Some of them predate 1837. The oldest one is of Saint Dionysius and dates back to 1814, while the newest ones are from 1914. The most beautiful and valuable icon is of Saints Cyril and Methodius, painted by Stanislav Dospevski in 1860.

“Vasil Levski” sports hall

In Pazardzhik, there are numerous sports events and activities. For adults, there’s the annual “Pazardzhik Run” marathon, and for children, there are “Rainbow Games,” which involve scooter races. These are not the only events; others include “3000 Steps Together” and “Athletic Cross-Country.” If you want to engage in sports like basketball or badminton, you can visit the “Vasil Levski” sports hall.

Hotel “Forum”

The hotel is located close to the center of Pazardzhik. They offer rooms with a terrace, free Wi-Fi, and many other amenities. In the building, there is a restaurant with around 80 seats, a conference hall, and a children’s corner if you’re coming for a family vacation with kids. The hotel also provides various activities for adults.

Park island “Freedom”

The park is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Pazardzhik and the region. It stretches for about two kilometers in length and is approximately 300 meters wide. The entire park is filled with cool spots to explore. During your walk, you will come across the longest bench in Bulgaria, and even in the world. It is a little over a kilometer long, and around 2,000 people can sit on it at the same time. If you continue, you will reach the dinosaur corner, where several dinosaur statues are placed. After a bit more walking, you will arrive at the zoo.

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