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Useful and Interesting Information About Pamporovo

Short History of Pamporovo

Pamporovo was established in 1933, and it was given this name after 1989. In 2003, the small town became part of a project called “Super Perelik,” which aimed to develop Pamporovo and its surroundings as a tourist destination. According to the National Statistical Institute, in 2020, the complex had 6,145 beds in 60 accommodation facilities. For more information about Pamporovo, you can visit their official website.

Tower “Snezhanka”

The Snezhanka(Snow White) TV Tower is located in the Rhodope Mountains on Snezhanka Peak and was built in 1978. The tower stands at a height of 156 meters. It is one of the one hundred national tourist sites in Bulgaria and one of the most visited attractions in Pamporovo, even featuring in the resort’s logo. The upper part of the tower has two sections. The lower one is for transmitting television and radio signals, while the upper section houses a restaurant with panoramic views of the Rhodope Mountains. Reach this location when you rent a car in Pamporovo.

Church “Dormition of the Mother of God”

The construction of the church began in 1993. The initiative came from the citizens of Pamporovo, and the project was led by the non-profit association “Hristiyani.” The construction of the church was funded by donations from thousands of people. The church was consecrated in 1999, and six of its bells were donated by Russia.


Pamporovo offers a beautiful winter setting, making it a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding. There are 15 slopes where you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding with friends or family. The slopes vary in difficulty levels. The most visited one is the “Ski Way Pamporovo – Tourist” with a length of almost 4 kilometers and an initial difficulty level. For more advanced skiers, there are slopes like “The Wall” and “Snezhanka” and two others. There are also other sports opportunities available, but they are primarily offered by some hotels.

Hotel complex “Malina”

If you’re not a fan of large hotels, consider visiting the Malina Pamporovo hotel complex. Immerse yourself in the silence and the scent of the forest. It’s a perfect spot for relaxation, sports, contemplation, walks, and taking photos. The complex is extremely close to the ski slopes and the resort’s lift. Nearby, you can explore the “Nevyasta” eco-trail, caves, waterfalls, and more. It’s also suitable for children.

Cave “The Devil’s Throat”

“Dyavolskoto Garlo” is a vertical cave, which means it was formed when a river plunged into the earth’s layers. The first attempt to explore it was made in 1962 by Radostin Chomakov, Nikola Korchev, and Elena Pudareva. They reached the Big Hall, where the river drops underground from a height of 24 meters. This hall is also known as the “Roaring Hall.” In the cave, there is a colony of approximately 35,000 bats, most of which are rare and protected species.

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