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Useful and Interesting Information About Burgas

Short History of Burgas

Burgas is a city where several prehistoric settlements from the Stone-Copper Age to the Bronze Age have been discovered. During the summer of 2008, archaeologists from the Burgas Museum unearthed a prehistoric mound and objects from the early Chalcolithic period. They excavated over 250 items, some of which are believed to have been used 6000 years ago BC. These artifacts provide evidence of agriculture, livestock farming, and salt extraction, indicating the activities of the ancient inhabitants of the area. Ritual vessels were also found. These artifacts are considered to be the oldest ever found along the Black Sea coast. Read more about the history of Burgas.

History Museum Burgas

The building of the Historical Museum in Burgas was constructed in 1901 by the Greek merchant Achilleas Ioannidis. After 80 years, it was transformed into a museum. It is spread across 3 floors, each housing exhibition halls. On the first floor, parts of the city’s history are presented through texts, photos, and items from the museum’s collection. The ground floor features a hall for temporary exhibitions, both its own and guest exhibitions. The second floor houses the Icon Hall, where valuable Renaissance icons from the Tryavna Icon Painting School, old printed books, crystal mirrors and glasses, porcelain, bronze sculptures from the Classicism and late Baroque era are displayed.

In the courtyard of the Historical Museum stands the “Wall of Scripts,” showcasing 11 of the world’s oldest writing systems – cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs, ancient Indian “Brahmi” script, Phoenician script, Latin, Chinese, runic, Greek, Arabic, Glagolitic, and Cyrillic. This is the first such exhibition in Bulgaria.

Memorial Temple of Saints Cyril and Methodius

The Memorial Temple is included in the list of the 100 national tourist sites for 2022. It has been declared an architectural, construction, and artistic monument of national cultural significance. The temple is built as a cathedral church – with three naves and a central apse; it is referred to as a cathedral, although it does not hold that status. It stands at a height of 33 meters and is located in the city center, on the site of a small wooden church, which was the only Exarchist church in the city before the Liberation. It was constructed between 1897 and 1907, based on a design by the Italian architect Riccardo Toscani. Visit this location when you rent a car in Burgas.


Since Burgas is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, swimming is a preferred sport, especially during the summer. There is a wide range of beaches to choose from, but the most famous ones are Central Beach, North Beach, Sarafovo, Rosenets, Salt Pans, and Kraimorie. If you visit Burgas during the winter and want to engage in sports, there are various indoor facilities and places where you can do your workout.

Hotel Burgas

Hotel Burgas is located minutes away from Central Beach and offers various amenities for its guests. It has a conference hall with approximately 50 seats for all kinds of business meetings, training sessions, and more. On the ground floor, there is a casino, and in the La Perle Noire restaurant, you will find a wine list for connoisseurs.

The Sea Garden

The Sea Garden covers an area of 600 acres, and its length is 5 km. It is adorned with decorative trees and shrubs, among which sculptures and busts of famous writers, actors, and others are placed. In the Sea Garden, you will also find cultural monuments such as the Pantheon of those who perished in wars, the Sea Casino, and the Summer Theater.

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