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Rent a Car VIVORENT company is more than happy to provide a huge variety of options to everyone who needs to rent a car at Sofia Airport. If you intend to use car rental services at Sofia Airport upon your arrival, you would be delighted to know that as a leading company in the branch, offer an extensive range of vehicles and a variety of additional services.

Our various offers for car rental at Sofia Airport are carefully designed to match the needs of every customer. We provide the perfect solutions for family vacations, official business visits, adventure trips and any other special occasions. Renting a car at Sofia Airport has never been more client-centered and full of convenient options to choose from.

What types of vehicles are available for car rental at Sofia Airport?

Rent a Car VIVORENT offers the full range of vehicle options to match the specific needs of its clients. Depending on your taste and preferences you can choose from:

  1. Compact and economy cars;
  2. Full sized wagons and vans;
  3. Luxury vehicles and SUVs;
  4. Cargo and passenger vans;

All the vehicles are delivered to the customer with a flawless appearance and in an irreproachable technical condition. Our car rental at Sofia Airport is therefore not only а suitable, but also a safe and reliable option for you, your partners, your friends and your family.

Additional car rental services at Sofia Airport?

If you trust VIVORENT to rent a car at Sofia Airport, there are some extra services you can take advantage of. For the sake of your comfort and your satisfying experience, our offers include:

  • Option to hire a car with a driver – in case you don’t feel confident enough as a driver or you lack orientation in the city. In case you are for some reason unaware of the traffic specifics and the routes in Sofia or you just prefer someone else to take you to your hotel or your home;
  • 24/7 Pick-up and return – because we’re here to match your needs and not vice versa;
  • Hire a car upon request at Terminal 1 & 2. There are two terminals at Sofia Airport.
  • Transfer services.

Choosing the proper vehicle combined with the perfect additional services on offer is the proper way to treat yourself during your stay in Sofia. Rent a Car VIVORENT is here to provide you with a safe, comfortable and affordable ride. All you need to do is contact us and let us do the rest.

Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria

Sofia is an enchanting city with rich history and culture. The blend between tradition and modernism is amazing to see and feel. There is a lot to see in the capital city! You can visit one of the hundreds historical, architectural and archeological monuments, including the ‘St. Alexander Nevsky’ cathedral, or some of the museums or city parks. The city is a popular tourist destination, as well as a host to many international business forums and other big scale events.

The distance between Sofia Airport and the city center is approximately ten kilometers. There are several main roads connecting the airport to the center and to ‘Trakiya’ highway. The two main seaside cities in Bulgaria -Varna and Burgas – are situated 470km and 392km respectively from Sofia.

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